Life is complex...
Building a Life of Wealth
Doesn't have to be.

As Defenders of Wealth we focus on the endgame by architecting financial foundations that provide liquidity, growth, and stability to support you throughout life and into retirement.

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Safe Money Mindset 


The Quest Wealth Philosophy

We believe wealth goes beyond a bank account. More so, it's the impact it has on the general good of your life, family, and community.

We also understand life often presents circumstances that affect one's wealth and consequently may cause emotional stress that leads to rash decisions.

At Quest we give genuine counsel on all areas of wealth, and stand as unbiased pillars of financial decisions throughout your journey to building a life of wealth that transcends the norm. 

Safe Money Mindset

Three Worlds of Money

  • What is it?

  •  THE Mindset

  •  Potential

  • Protection

  • hybrid 

A mash-up of how you think about investing, how you plan to spend your wealth, and how you will derive future income; Safe Money Mindset is a unique approach to building a retirement that is stable, inflation resilient, and supports a life style you won't outlive.

The term 'SAFE MONEY' was born from a simple remark made by a client that led to Gene's discovery of an alternative asset class we now call PROTECTION. 

The story began when Gene inherited a colleague’s clientele, and a new client from Ann Arbor made a straightforward yet pivotal statement: "Forget all the fancy stock options, I want that SAFE MONEY." Gene didn’t realize it then, but that phrase would become the seed from which the "Three Worlds of Money" concept would grow. 

Gene, leveraging his extensive background in big finance, recognized that these alternative programs, although very well suited for clients desiring stable investments, still needed some refinement and adaptation to maximize their potential. 

Today, our "SAFE MONEY" solutions are not only stronger but also more comprehensive. They are all integrated into our "Safe Money Mindset," which embraces the Three Worlds of Money: Potential, Protection, and Hybrid. These principles serve as pillars, guiding our approach to ensuring clients not only preserve their wealth but also navigate the financial landscape with confidence and security.

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"7 Building Blocks of  Safe Money Mindset" 

Discover how we have educated over 500 clients on how to protect, grow, and access their wealth on their terms. Avoid unnecessary risk and maximize your liquidity, putting you in the driver's seat.

Founders Story & Guiding Principles

~ Quest For Freedom  1/4

Compelled to leave his home country of Poland due to opposing political beliefs of communism, Gene sought opportunity in Detroit Michigan to discover his new life-long home.

Twenty dollars in his pocket and a passion to engage the rich culture of Detroit, he began his humble life as a laborer to eventually pay his way through college where he received a Master's Degree in Finance.

It was then he learned the value of personal freedoms, equity in self-labor, and how critical it is to preserve and grow one's wealth.

Principle #1 : Recognize a client's freedom of choice, value their self-worth, and protect it as you would your own.

~ The Moment of Realization 2/4

He went on to work for a large brokerage where he grew professionally but also uncovered the underbelly of Big Finance and their misaligned principles of business as they often operated with a "sell what is best for profits first and prioritize what is best for the client second" type of mentality.

It was this culture that drove him to pursue independent finance where he discovered an open marketplace that offered a wider array of alternative investments which were advantageous to the client's risk vs reward profile.

Recognizing the benefits of this open market, combined with his commitment to providing comprehensive financial services allowed him to cultivate a thriving clientele.

It was during this time he developed client centric methods of practice focused on transparency and ethics.

Principle #2: Remain focused on the stewardship of the client and not on oneself.

~ Provider of Equality  3/4

Through his efforts he built a substantial business, much of which was with the successful yet underserved women of Detroit who often experienced predatory advisory services that were unethical and poorly managed.

At one point Gene provided comprehensive financial planning and risk management to over 50 individual women during this time.

It was this experience that guided his moral compass and cemented his focus for advocating a peer’s right to access expert advisory services.

Principle #3 : Be a champion of equality, and share financial opportunity with pure intention.

~ The Home Stretch 4/4

As Gene's advisory services matured the Quest team grew along with their roster of clients. It was at this point he realized that helping clients reach retirement wealth goals wasn't enough. Thus collectively the team expanded their focus to a multitude of tax mitigation strategies and estate planning services.

The team recognized as clients became older and wealthier they would require more comprehensive planning that encompassed advanced investment options. In doing this Quest was able to help clients not only reach a level of desired retirement wealth but also pass it on to their community or heirs in the most efficient way possible.

This aligned perfectly with a large set of their client base who worked for both AT&T and GM, and ultimately propelled Quest to a level of success that allowed them to have a full team of financial planning professions and support staff.

At this point Gene knew he had come full circle and would continue to build a company focused on these methods of business for the remainder of his career and legacy that will live on.

Principle #4: Be a provider of holistic financial planning that transcends the clients expectation of wealth.