Personal Retirement Planning

Navigating Your Personal Retirement To Success  

At Quest Commonwealth, we value the dedicated individuals who have diligently saved for their future, whether through personal company 401(k) plans, pension contributions, or IRA accounts. Your commitment to securing your financial well-being not only shapes your personal future but also contributes to the strength of our communities. We understand the importance of your financial journey and are here to provide unwavering support.

As you progress through your career and approach retirement, we stand ready to offer comprehensive planning that addresses the various facets of your financial health. Whether you're considering options for your 401(k) savings, contemplating pension choices, exploring IRA strategies, or seeking advice on maximizing Social Security benefits, our team is here for you.

Our commitment extends to individuals in all stages of their careers – those actively working, nearing retirement, or already savoring the fruits of their hard-earned savings. Trust in our dedicated team to guide you through our Safe Money Mindset process, ensuring your financial future is as secure as it is prosperous.

Safe Money Mindset

Three Worlds of Money

  • What is it?

  •  THE Mindset

  •  Potential

  • Protection

  • hybrid 

A mash-up of how you think about investing, how you plan to spend your wealth, and how you will derive future income; Safe Money Mindset is a unique approach to building a retirement that is stable, inflation resilient, and supports a life style you won't outlive.

The term 'SAFE MONEY' was born from a simple remark made by a client that led to Gene's discovery of an alternative asset class we now call PROTECTION. 

The story began when Gene inherited a colleague’s clientele, and a new client from Ann Arbor made a straightforward yet pivotal statement: "Forget all the fancy stock options, I want that SAFE MONEY." Gene didn’t realize it then, but that phrase would become the seed from which the "Three Worlds of Money" concept would grow. 

Gene, leveraging his extensive background in big finance, recognized that these alternative programs, although very well suited for clients desiring stable investments, still needed some refinement and adaptation to maximize their potential. 

Today, our "SAFE MONEY" solutions are not only stronger but also more comprehensive. They are all integrated into our "Safe Money Mindset," which embraces the Three Worlds of Money: Potential, Protection, and Hybrid. These principles serve as pillars, guiding our approach to ensuring clients not only preserve their wealth but also navigate the financial landscape with confidence and security.

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"7 Building Blocks of  Safe Money Mindset" 

Discover how we have educated over 500 clients on how to protect, grow, and access their wealth on their terms. Avoid unnecessary risk and maximize your liquidity, putting you in the driver's seat.