Zu Mackin - Assistant Advisor
  • zu@@questcommonwealth.com
  • 248.599.1000 Ext: 105

About Zu.

Zu is a multifaceted professional with a wealth of experience and a relentless dedication to making a positive impact on others' lives. With a diverse licensing background in real estate, and health & life insurance, Zu's expertise knows no bounds. 

In addition to licensing her seven-year tenure as a public speaker, leader, and instructor at a self-development school akin to Tony Robbins underscores her prowess in motivational leadership. Outside of her professional life, Zu finds solace and creativity in physical fitness, drawing, and singing as a soprano.

Her past roles, such as project manager at a construction company and a seven-year stint as a real estate agent and team manager at Berkshire Hathaway, reveals her versatility, keen attention to detail, and problem-solving acumen.

What truly drives Zu at Quest Commonwealth is the profound satisfaction derived from leaving a meaningful impact on others and knowing that she can be a part in helping enhance the quality of life for those she touches.